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Wisemans Ferry Rd Intersection Somersby

Adam Lowe Earthmoving worked with Roads and Maritime on the intersection of Wisemans Ferry Rd and the Central Coast Highway, creating the rock wall that greets you as you leave the freeway and enter the Central Coast. Our twin header was used on one of our Volvo 235’s to grind away the existing rock face. A rock grab was used to place sawn blocks to complete the new wall face


Devil Ark Project Ellerston

In 2011 Adam Lowe Earthmoving worked for the Australian Reptile Park to establish a safe natural environment for the Tasmanian devil, at risk of extinction from facial tumours.

High in the hills of the Barrington tops region, the Packer family donated 32 hectares near Ellerston where we constructed a 3Km access road and dug the fence lines for 10 holding pens and 6 free range enclosures, all during some of the most extreme weather conditions the area has seen.

Whilst on site we also worked for Ellerston maintaining their internal roads


Vere Place Somersby Bulk Excavation

Adam Lowe Earthmoving undertook a major bulk excavation in Vere Place, located within the Somersby Industrial estate. We cut and removed over 1.1M tonnes of sandstone in blocks and ripped material.